Protect Your Folders And Files With The Free ANDROSA FILE PROTECTOR

Indeed many tools that work to protect folders and files, but not all of them are free. Because I like the free ones, then here I want to share a piece of software that is strong enough but it's free. The tool in question is Androsa File Protector. AFP can protect folders and files for Windows, both windows XP and Windows7. Well, we just look at the ability of the AFP...

  1. Risk acknowledged the password file to be encrypted are minimal because the AFP uses complex algorithms such as DES TripleDES 192 bit and 64 bit
  2. The use of passwords to achieve a character so that the level of security is more assured
  3. Very easy to use
  4. You can protect files and folders that large size
  5. AFP also provides a feature back up files before encryption process
  6. And many more advantage of this tool.

For download this amazing tool, you can click this link

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